How To Recover A Disabled Facebook Account

Aww, Snap! I can’t get hold of Facebook, am not able to log in, not able khổng lồ update my status with selfies. How disgusting! Seems my Facebook account was disabled.

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These might be your inner feeling once you agree to lớn the fact your Facebook account is disabled. We can understand your problem and how uncomfortable it is. We have sầu received a lot of messages và emails requesting to lớn guide them to lớn enable the disabled Facebook account. Maybe something has happened lớn your Facebook tài khoản probably your account has been disabled.

Don’t worry, your tech expert Geek Dashboard is here with a guide on reactivating your disabled Facebook account và will guide you through this whole havoc. So go through this walkthrough and get your Facebook trương mục reactivated fast until things get worse.

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Is your Facebook account disabled? – Analyze the possible scenarios first

You must try khổng lồ underst& why your Facebook trương mục was disabled. There are many reasons ranging from abusive behavior/usage of swear words lớn using a nhái name. Below are mentioned the causes your Facebook account may be disabled. After understanding these rules, you may proceed to

Below are mentioned the causes your Facebook account may be disabled. After understanding these rules, you may proceed to send the Facebook tài khoản disabled appeal.

Continued abusive sầu behavior và usage after attaining several warnings from Facebook and other organizations.Your posts have sầu been marked spam and reported to lớn FacebookUsage of a giả name to represent yourself.Hacking other’s accounts and sending unsuitable messages to others including forced advertising, harassment, stalking, and NSFW truyền thông media. As this is a policy violation, your Facebook trương mục is disabled for security reasons.You must have yourself disabled or deactivated the account.Maybe your Facebook trương mục was disabled by mistake.

The above reasons elucidate you being disabled. To avoid this in the future, you must give a glance through these guidelines. But don’t worry your Facebook tài khoản can be recovered and reactivated if you are lucky. Just follow the steps given below.

Types Of Disabled Facebook Accounts

Well, the steps you take lớn reactive Facebook tài khoản greatly depover on the type of disablement that has been applied to your trương mục. Your account may be disabled either temporarily or permanently.

Temporarily Disabled Facebook Account

If your account is ‘Temporarily Disabled’, Facebook will display this message when you try to log in as described in the screenshot below.

Facebook account that was temporarily disabled

Permanently Disabled Facebook Account

If your Facebook trương mục is permanently disabled that you won’t be able to access this trương mục in the future & anyone like your friends & acquaintances will not be able lớn see your tài khoản. If the Facebook tài khoản is permanently disabled you’ll see the following message as elucidated in the screenshot below.

Facebook trương mục that was permanently disabled

Reactivating the Account Which was Disabled Yourself

You might say khổng lồ yourself, how can I be so silly that I disable my tài khoản myself, but we all are humans & it can be done by mistake. So this mistake doesn’t turn out to lớn be a blunder, follow the steps given below to reactive sầu the Facebook trương mục if you disabled yourself.

Step 1: Visit Facebook và you need lớn log in with the same credentials i.e., username và password you used to lớn login with previously

Reactivate Facebook trương mục that was disabled yourself

Step 2: And tap ‘Login

Step 3: Now your account is reactivated automatically and so should you get acquainted with the latest terms & conditions so that you are updated with all the rules. You can check your privacy setting by using the ‘privacy guide‘ và get ready to face the new Facebook.

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Appeal to Enable Account Disabled By Facebook Team

As I explained the reasons above, that may have been the cause of why your Facebook trương mục was disabled. If you think that your Facebook trương mục is disabled by mistake or due to security reasons, you may want lớn submit an appeal lớn enable the disabled Facebook trương mục.

Note: You can confirm that your tài khoản was disabled by Facebook, when you log into lớn your trương mục, you’ll see a disabling message. If the message doesn’t appear there’s something with your login.

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Step 1: Open Facebook account disabled appeal form.

Facebook reactivation appeal form

Step 2: Fill out the following details:

The Thư điện tử address of your Facebook tài khoản.Alternate tương tác email address where the Facebook team can reach you.Your full name.Date of birth.Write additional information under “additional info” (request them politely) & after confirming all the fields in the form, cliông chồng on the ‘Send‘ button.

Update (August 14, 2021): If your Facebook trương mục is disabled due to lớn your age (less than 18 years) or if you are not getting any replies even after submitting the above size, you can try appealing again from a different khung. Make sure you provide proper information lớn prove your eligibility & type the correct email address or Mobile number associated with your tài khoản.

Appeal Form 2

Update (August 09, 2021): It sounds weird, but people are literally buying Oculus VR headsets lớn reactivate their Facebook trương mục. If you don’t know, Facebook has bought Oculus long bachồng, and to lớn use your Oculus VR headphối, you must have a Facebook trương mục. After buying the VR headmix, people are reaching out to lớn Oculus tư vấn saying they had problems setting up the Facebook trương mục. Surprisingly Oculus support is able lớn reactive sầu their Facebook accounts. You can give this trichồng a try.

Update (October 04, 2019): Facebook has removed the “Additional Info” field in the appeal size. Now you can just mention your details and unfortunately, no other fields are available khổng lồ explain the problem.

Update (June 19, 2019): If you feel, you have done something against Facebook policies, like using tự động liker scripts, spamming Facebook with your blog link, sharing promotional offers, cryptocurrency ads, etc. Explain it in detail at “additional info” and request politely it was your mistake & is not intentional. Assure them you’ll not repeat your mistake again. Accepting your mistake might convince the team và they might enable the disabled Facebook account

COVID-19 Update

You already know, the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every business all over the world và Facebook is not an exception. Due lớn local restrictions, the safety of employees, & khổng lồ main social distance, more than 75% of people are currently working from trang chủ. This has impacted the manual Review process a lot. Currently, Facebook has very limited resources lớn Đánh Giá your appeals và it is taking very long to lớn get a response.

In few countries, Facebook has completely stopped reviewing the appeals và showing the message “We have fewer people available khổng lồ nhận xét information due lớn the coronavi khuẩn (COVID-19) pandemic. This means we may be unable to Review your tài khoản. We apologize for any inconvenience”.

Unfortunately, we don’t have another choice than khổng lồ wait. No one knows when this pandemic stops and hopefully Facebook brings in more people khổng lồ Review the appeals quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why was Facebook tài khoản disabled without reason.

A: You might have sầu done something wrong & in 99% of cases, Facebook will never disable an tài khoản without any proper reasons. If you really feel, it is a mistake and it is your only personal trương mục, then you should immediately appeal for reactivation.

Q: How long it would take lớn get a reply after submitting the appeal?

A: It would normally take 5-đôi mươi days lớn expect a reply. Don’t submit the appeals repeatedly. Keep your patience.

Q: It is more than a month & didn’t receive sầu any response to lớn my appeal.

A: A lot of people still face this problem. Make sure you check your spam folder as well. You might have received a reply but filtered as spam.

Q: Can I submit an appeal again?

A: If you didn’t get any reply even after 30 days, then you can submit one more appeal. Rethành viên to lớn be polite. Don’t show your frustration.