The walking dead richard

There space so many characters on The walking Dead that it can be difficult to store track of castle all. Though the world the the show started fuera small, con just un tiny group of survivors attempting to make it post-zombie apocalypse, it has actually grown bigger and bigger con every passing season. Currently there are several thriving areas all with their very own rules and their own cast of characters. One of the most vivid communities is the Kingdom, i beg your pardon seems prefer an oasis in ns drab see of ns show, but they have their own issues. And so much only one of los Kingdom"s citizens appears interested in tackling those issues cabeza on: Richard. But wait — who is richard on The wade Dead?

Richard only appeared on the show a few times, yet he made it clean in those moments the he was ready to take a hard stance on what he believed in. Richard is one of ns knights armored with fuerte gear who handles important business for los Kingdom, favor going top top runs y dealing with the Saviors. He has mostly been a character that stood in the background behind Ezekiel along with los other knights, but richard set himself apart in the Season siete midseason finale as soon as he tried to rally fuerza against Negan.

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The trouble was the didn"t pick ns right audience come share his concerns with.

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In "Hearts tho Beating," richard met with Morgan y Carol to voice his concerns about los Saviors; los problem was neither of lock were particularly interested in acquisition up arms versus a nuevo threat. Richard feared losing whatever to los Saviors due to the fact that he knew, fairly rightly, that they couldn"t be trusted. He wanted help convincing Ezekiel to make los first relocate so that ns Kingdom can have uno chance in ~ survival. Unfortunately, Carol didn"t want to get involved and Morgan didn"t desire to disturb ns tentative tranquility between ns Kingdom y the Saviors.

All three characters have suffered an tremendous amount of lose in since los outbreak began, however they comment to it in various ways. Ricardo mentioned the town hall his household die, miscellaneous Morgan and Carol recognize all as well well, yet that loss just motivated ricardo to host onto what that has even harder. Meanwhile, Carol and Morgan have actually both been overwhelmed by the constant violence they"ve had to take component in.

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Richard may have finished his meeting with Carol y Morgan dejected y unsuccessful, however it"s good to know that over there is someone ready to struggle in the Kingdom. If y when the battle starts, richard can be counted on come join ns ranks against los Saviors.