Bradley sinclair's crazy range on james arthur's "say you won't let go"

13-year-old sings spine-tingling rendition of Bocelli’s ‘Time lớn Say Goodbye’. Picture: The Voice Kids

Solomia Lukyanets was just a teenager when she auditioned on The Voice Kids, Germany. Watch how she completely stole the show...

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As the opening melody to lớn Andrea Bocelli’s signature tuy vậy ‘Time khổng lồ Say Goodbye’ sounded, the judges of The Voice Kids in Germany knew they were about to lớn hear something very special.

Standing on the stage behind them, unbeknown to lớn the judges, was 13-year-old Ukrainian singer Solomia Lukyanets.

The gifted teenager had decided khổng lồ perform the star tenor’s demanding Italian tuy nhiên for the first round of the singing competition in 2015.

As she softly thanh lịch the first verse, it quickly became apparent that Solomia’s vocal talents were way beyond her years. Watch below as the youngster reveals her surprisingly powerful and sonorous voice.

Within moments, judges Lena Meyer-Landrut và Johannes Strate have pressed their buttons. The young singer’s rendition is so beautiful that it even brings Lena to tears.

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It takes the remaining judge, Mark Forster, a little longer to lớn turn around. But as soon as Solomia begins the chorus, the rich timbre of her operatic voice rings through, & he can’t resist either.

The audience are on their feet before Solomia even finishes the song, some even crying from the performance.

We love the gentle strength in Solomia’s lower range, the angelic beauty of her head voice, and the way she morphs into a full-on operatic diva for that great chorus melody. What incredible control & musicianship from such a young voice.

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Unfortunately Solomia didn’t go on lớn win that season of The Voice Kids, & was eliminated during the battle rounds.

But the opera singer is now 20 years old, & continues to showcase her talented vocals in concert halls & on social media. You can follow her musical goings-on on Instagram here.