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Sara Sampaio Swears by This $36 Highlighter for ns ‘Natural’ Glow

The model talks her hair secrets, power scent, y the beauty rules she swears by. 

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Victoria's Secret model Street Style: see What ns Beauties Wore to show Fittings

Street format shots that Victoria's secreto Fashion dando beauties prove that ns models have off-duty layout just as exceptional as the ropa interior they'll undertake on ns runway. Also though ns extravaganza will atmósfera on CBS top top Dec. 8, the en la actualidad show is happening next week in new York City. Y while we know uno lot (Lily Aldridge will wear this year's diamond-palooza fantasy Bra, kendal Jenner y Gigi Hadid will certainly be in the show), us don't know exactly what each stunner will certainly be attract on ns catwalk. What we have actually been made conscious of? the perfect-for-fall outfits they every wore once attending fittings this week at ns the brand's ciudad de manhattan headquarters. Candice Swanepoel Swanepoel picked ns form-fitting black color dress and classic pumps the she toughened increase with uno black leather moto jacket. She's spotted in uno lot of ring sunnies too, y this workday was alguna exception. Vitae Sidorkina require proof white jeans occupational post-Labor Day? (And for a fall day night to boot!) Sidorkina pulled over-the-knee boots gastos generales her pair, tucking in ns thin white top and covering increase with uno blush coat tossed over her shoulders. She bag is by Ralph Lauren. MORE: If girlfriend Haven't seen the


See Victoria's secreto Angel Sara Sampaio with Nearly alguno Makeup On

Victoria's secreto Angel Sara Sampaio has actually been shooting for los lingerie and swimwear company in Bora-Bora this week, and the serie of stripped-down, virtually makeup-free shots she's to be posting representar behind-the-scenes ~ above Instagram have actually us questioning the fairness of life in general. This woman has actually not one visible pore on she face and a complexion that would certainly make even los Greek goddess of beauty, beauty Aphrodite inquiry her ar in the universe. In some shots (like los first below), los Portuguese stunner appears not to it is in wearing something on her skin at all, y yet in which method looks together if she's been lit from within. The course, Sampaio is a jugadores pretty person, for this reason you suppose her to have ns great naturaleza canvas to work with. And it's not choose we don't recognize that Victoria's secret models have actually makeup top they use to look at their ideal at all times, since they absolutely do. Y they've gained secrets to making your skin looks an excellent for shoots, i m sorry we got to check out in activity in these shots just before their holiday shoot this year. Also Sampaio, herself, has shown off some of los brand's funny makeup moves in ns past (like working faux freckles).


A Victoria's Secret model Rocking some Freckles? Yes, Please

If you're a freckle-haver that struggles with seeing she spots together sexy, Victoria's secret Angel Sara Sampaio is around to make you feel like los foxiest fox in all ns land ideal now. She posted this shoot of her painted-on dots representar a shoot, y the results are therefore hot, you could want come grab ns magazine to pan yourself with. A fotografía posted by Sara Sampaio (
sarasampaio) on Aug 9, dos mil quince at 2:26pm PDT The idea of drawn-on spice isn't new, however it's been picking up part steam over the past couple of months—case in point: developers Milly and Adam Selman sent runway models debajo the spring-summer 2015 catwalk with faux frecks, and Top Shop launched a freckle pencil último year. Needless come say, we're quite psyched. Delaware all, we're huge freckle supporters around here, and we obtain sad once we hear someone say she doesn't love hers. But hopefully if you're in the camp—and even if girlfriend aren't—this photo will do you feel just un little bit much more confident about yours today. Los rest of you without naturalmente sun-confetti who want to hunt down that freckle pencil immediately—go ahead, it's just $7. You simply smear the on in little


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How ns Newest Victoria's secreto Angels Do a Smoky Eye at 8 A.M.

The newest batch of Victoria's secret Angels stopped by an excellent Morning américa to talk about eating pizza prior to shoots and the latest repertoire of Vicky's underthings today. And, all 10 girls (Sara Sampaio, Elsa Hosk, Jasmine Tookes, Taylor Hill, Monika "Jac" Jagaciak, Kate Grigorieva, Lais Ribeiro, Stella Maxwell, Romee Strijd, and Martha Hunt) wore your morning smoky eyes, naturally. A fotografía posted by marta Hunt (
marhunt) ~ above Jul 28, dos mil quince at 6:00am PDT A photo posted by Sara Sampaio (
sarasampaio) ~ above Jul 28, 2015 at 5:14am PDT A foto posted through Stella! (
stellamaxwell) ~ above Jul 28, dos mil quince at 4:29am PDT A photo posted through brycescarlett (
brycescarlett) on Jul 28, 2015 at 4:51am PDT so what's ns morning smoky eye in ns VS world? Pay attention to where the "smoke" is placed—most of ns girls have actually their eye makeup on los outer corners of your eyes quite than all the way approximately them. You can likewise tell that instead of black y dark gray, a lot of them are wearing softer hues choose taupe (see marta Hunt in the last picture) y bronze. Oh, y none of them were as well smudgy—the objetivo was come smolder but likewise not look choose they haven't

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