San Martín De Trevejo Cáceres


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Modernism y Avant-garde movementsThe rotate of the siglo brought new winds that modernity. Los aesthetic sensibility of the time was marked by uno different, freer perspective towards art y life.


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Streams flow through the streets, granite stairways on ns outside of los ancient residences providing direct accessibility to the first floor. San Martín después Trevejo, uno unique village. Its viejo quarter has the Property of cultural Interest designation.

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Its traditional architecture is qualified by its homes with three storeys –ground floor y two various other levels– which every follow a casta model. On ns outside ns houses have rock walls on the ground floor con staircases or granite ledges with steps i beg your pardon give accessibility to ns dwelling from the street. This is because los ground floor was supplied as a cellar for storing oil, wine y other provisions, and for cattle.The two upper floors – the casa proper y the attic– have uno façade projecting over the calle which is sustained by way of sturdy wooden beams whose edges are occasionally carved with figures.In addition, los centre sections of number of of ns narrow streets in ns village room cobbled so that the crystal-clear waters deserve to flow debajo them on their means to los Jálama River.