PES, which stands for Pro evolución Soccer, is ns realistic fútbol game that concentrates on being together accurate uno simulation together possible. The juego features a nuevo system called Control Reality, i beg your pardon allows the user to direccion a fútbol player even if it is they have the ball or not.

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This 2017 version of the juego features improved ball physics and a more physical game. While that is generally considered to be much less visually appealing than its main rival, FIFA, it is considerably much better than other choices in ns genre, including previously versions the FIFA.

Realistic fútbol simulation

The key strength that PES dos mil diecisiete is the it is a football simulator, rather than ns pure game, which may sacrifice realism for more casual controls. The aim of the developers is come deliver los most realistic football experience possible. This deserve to make the game difficult because that beginners, particularly if they space not used to the control system.

The AI of the computer-controlled footballers is adaptive, enabling it come learn ns user’s format of play y make any type of necessary changes as uno result. Goalkeeper plot is likewise significantly improved, making scoring harder. This iteration the the juego also introduces much more “dirty” tactics, such as shirt pulling and tripping, adding another element of realism to the game.

Ideal for purist football fans

While PES dos mil diecisiete may excel in ~ its intended anotado of being ns realistic fútbol simulator, it is not ns most inviting fútbol americano game for civilization who are new to ns genre. Over there are more tricks and moves to learn that give a greater level of control with los ball, however they space not easy.

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The graphics are possibly not fairly as high-fidelity as its key rival, yet this is only apparent during close-ups y replays y does not affect los bulk of ns gameplay. Over there are likewise several juego modes to choose from, adding uno further facet of replayability. These include online play, where ns user can compete against other gamers online.


Title:PES 2017 1.0 for AndroidRequirements:Android 4.3Language:EnglishLicense:PaidDate added:Monday, June 21st 2021Author:Konami Digital entertain Co. Ltd.

SHA-1:97fea9f9611f4e1b9980d7a5c44448ee45ee496eDownload options:APK, Google PlayFilename:PES.apk


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