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The French government is overseeing los cathedral’s structural restoration and conservation, but los cathedral authorities room responsible because that its doméstico renewal.

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no Panoramic check out of Notre-Dame ese Paris gift restored after the cathedral recorded fire, destroying los spire y the oak frame and lead roof. (photo: Renisons / Shutterstock) no
paris — ns Catholic Archdiocese of paris will current its to plan for the restoration the Notre-Dame Cathedral’s interior next week after it dismissed criticism the its proposals would certainly turn ns site right into “a type of theme park.”

Officials will submit their proposals come France’s national Heritage and Architecture board of directors on Dec. 9 amid a nuevo outcry over the reconstruction of the cathedral badly damaged by fire in 2019, report AFP.

The news firm said that ns archdiocese denied foreign media reports that the celebrated French Gothic cathedral, built between mil ciento sesenta y tres and 1345, risked being revolutionized into un theme park or filled with jarring modern-day art.

The daily Telegraph, a hermano newspaper, reported on Nov. 26 that doubters feared los changes would certainly turn the building into un “politically exactly Disneyland.”

It said that “confessional boxes, altars, and classical sculptures will be replaced with modern art murals, y new sound and light results to develop ‘emotional spaces.’”

“There will be themed chapels on uno ‘discovery trail,’ with an focus on áfrica and Asia, when quotes representar the bible will it is in projected ~ above chapel walls in various languages, consisting of Mandarin,” that added.

Maurice Culot, one architect who has seen los plans, told ns newspaper: “It’s as if Disney to be entering Notre-Dame.”

“What they are proposing to execute to Notre-Dame would never be excellent to Westminster Abbey or St. Peter’s in Rome. It’s uno kind of theme park and very childish and trivial given ns grandeur of los place,” the commented.

In an interview con AFP, dad Gilles Drouin, the priest overseeing the doméstico restoration, appeared to confirm the proposals but suggested that lock did no amount come a básico change.

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He explained that los restoration sought come preserve los cathedral as uno place the worship, but likewise to welcome y educate tourists “who space not always representar a Christian culture.”

He stated that página chapels would function “portraits from the 16th and 18th siglo that will certainly be in dialogue con modern letras objects.”

“The cathedral has constantly been open up to letras from ns contemporary period, best up to los large golden cross by sculptor Marc Couturier installed by Cardinal Lustiger in 1994,” he said.

The French government is overseeing los cathedral’s structural restoration and conservation, but ns cathedral authorities space responsible for its interior renewal.

The plans must at some point be authorized by France’s to adjust of Culture. Culture Minister Roselyne Bachelot has actually previously suggested that the restored cathedral must look “identical” to before ns fire.This is not ns first time that repair plans have crear controversy. Movie critics denounced a proposal leaked in December 2020 to replace architect Viollet-le-Duc’s historic stained-glass windows con colorful contemporary designs in ns chapels around the nave.

A spokeswoman for los archdiocese called the national Catholic register at the time that “it go without speak that the archbishop has actually never had any intention to turn the cathedral right into an airplane or un parking lot.

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”The cathedral will apparently reopen because that worship con a coche Deum on April 16, 2024, five years after the blaze. Later that year, paris will host ns Summer Olympics.