Museo del chocolate villajoyosa

The Valor chocolate Museum is housed in the viejo building the was once los family factory.

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It opened up its doors to the public in 1998 and display screens one of los finest collections of machinery used in ns chocolate industry. It’s ns unique an are that attractive countless chocolate lovers to Villajoyosa (known as La Vila Joiosa in Valencian, the co-official name.) An intense scent the cocoa fills the air of this Mediterranean town, i m sorry is additionally famous for ns colourful façades the its houses and its seafaring spirit.  

This is where the historia of ns Valor family of chocolatiers started in 1881 and the factory is still below today, creating different types and flavours the one of los best-loved chocolates in Spain y around los world. Visitors are attracted here come discover ns history of this Alicante dynasty y the manufacturing processes supplied to make los chocolate. After exploring the various spaces in ns museum, you will do it be ready to enjoy ns tasting session of this sweet and nutritious ambrosia. 

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An irresisistible pleasure, los chocolat.

The valores family la empresa stands out for its capacity to innovate y move with the times. Over there are many fascinating stories and key moments that definir the company’s evolution; one of los most current was los period in between 2000 and 2005 when the logo and wrapping to be modernised y there was un significant change in its communications strategy con a new focus on los concept that “pleasure”. The first advert come reflect this change was “Puro placer” (“Pure Pleasure”) i m sorry was adhered to by a series of adverts under ns slogan “Placer adulto” (“Adult Pleasure”) come disassociate chocolate desde the timeless children’s sector. 

Watch the process at los Valor chocolate Valor Factory 

The museo visit i will not ~ be finish without a trip to the factory where valores​​ chocolate is tho made. It’s ns largest in Villajoyosa and employs over 300 people. Tourists reach ns factory follow me an upper corridor y from below you can observe los manufacturing and packaging processes desde behind glass. A multi-use room screens an explanatory video that defines each step in the process.

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Room temperatures in ns production machinery area are around 40ºC and the aire is filled con an extreme scent of chocolate. This area is completely automated y only requires a small team. Friend can also watch los quality control and tasting areas representar behind los glass. Uno corridor leader to an additional zone the is provided for packaging y here los temperature is approximately 17-18ºC. This is where los workers assemble ns boxes and pack them con bars the chocolate. Los tour termina in ns shop — after sampling various pieces of chocolate, it’s hora to decidir which commodities you desire to take página de inicio with you. 

Chocolaterías Valor in Alicante: a totalmente pleasure 

There are un large number of valor chocolate shops in Alicante province and you’ll uncover important branches in Altea, Benidorm, Villajoyosa, los Campello and Torrevieja. There is one in Alicante ciudad too, the course, and residents have the right to enjoy valor specialities in that famous el café on ns Esplanada d’Espanya. It offer breakfasts, ice cream creams, home-made slushies y own brand gourmet chocolates. 

In 2018 a new space opened up on los beachfront promenade through San juan beach. This keep covers approximately ochenta m2 y also has un terrace.

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Like other Chocolaterías Valor, the el café has an area collection aside for un shop y here you can purchase the brand’s standard products plus exclusive items such together Chocoperlas, fig chocolates or limited edition nougat. The store also has a ‘Summer Menu’ in tribute come its beachfront ar that has various cold options for los hottest summer months.