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Tu lees esto: Justin bieber tatuajes 2017


no Justin Bieber previously sported his trademark overcome tattoo and roman numerals. no Justin Bieber/Instagram no

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Justin Bieber posted un video that a nuevo chest tattoo on Instagram Saturday.No stranger come tattoos, this new one is huge. It"s uno big black and white style that covers his torso.Fans don"t seem to like it in ~ all.Is the real,Justin Bieber? ns 23-year-old singer gave Beliebers quite a shock top top Oct. 21 when that posted un shirtless video of himself to his Instagram. While Justin going topless is alguno big deal, seeing his brand new ink was un huge surprise! Along with histrademark cross tattooand roman inn numerals, Justin proved off this large black and white style that that covered his torso. Unbelievable!

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Why did Justin cover his chest in so much ink? entusiastas in los comments were shedding their minds gastos generales what they say. “Noooooo, why!?” one distraught Belieber asked, while one more was shocked the he “covered the other ” One pan wondered “why get a six pack then” if he was going to simply go under the needle while others barely might find ns words (and emojis) to sum up your feelings. "Noooooo why go u perform that why noooooooo that’s no beautiful noooo?#!!!”

The inquiry remains: why did Justin gain this piece done? He no offer any explanation with the video, together he simply posted it without captions. Walk he additionally have plans to acquire amatching espalda piece?Also, is there a huge significance to los statute on his ideal ribs y the skeleton right above his left pelvic region? Why did he keep the Eagle while spanning up the ellos eran OF GOD lettering? Is this anactualtattoo or an intricate fake? So plenty of questions, Justin!

—leah (
ashlynburns02) October 21, 2017

Justin has actually so numerous tattoos that it’s been hard to store track of castle all. He had much more than cincuenta as the 2016, follow toCapital FMand this chest/stomach piece can push that number up to the sixties. He famouslygot his face tattooedin might 2016, displaying un tiny cross the match los huge one throughout his chest. In 2013, that had ns roman numerals for mil novecientos setenta y cinco (the birth year the his mother,Pattie Mallette) tattooed close to his left collarbone. Beforehand in 2017, Justin revealed he had ns bear’s cabeza tattooed under his right shoulder y an eagle inked debajo his abs (an previously version the this story reported that ns eagle was part of his new piece. Is it too late come say “sorry” about that?”) Justin has un treble clef behind his left ear, Psalm 119:105 top top his back, fish scales on his wrist, uno compass near his left elbow. That seems the only place Justindoesn’thave a tattoo is on his naked butt – is the next?