Finding out how lớn withdraw your PayPal balance is one of the first concerns every PayPal user faces.

It seems lượt thích an easy task but the process can be handled out in many different ways và there are actually many things you should know beforehvà.

We'll go through the process of withdrawing your Paypal balance as well as some handy tips & information to lớn help you with the withdrawal. 

In short, there are 2 ways to lớn withdraw funds from your PayPal tài khoản, you can either transfer the balance lớn a bank trương mục or withdraw from an ATM using a linked debit thẻ.

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How lớn withdraw money from PayPal

To transfer money from PayPal to lớn your bank tài khoản you can either use the PayPal application (di động app) or transfer online via the PayPal trang web.

How lớn transfer money from PayPal to a Bank Account

Here’s how to withdraw funds from your PayPal trương mục on your computer:

Log in và go to lớn your Wallet.Click Transfer Funds.Cliông chồng Transfer to your ngân hàng tài khoản.Follow the instructions to lớn complete your withdrawal.

Here's how to lớn withdraw funds through your PayPal app:

Tap PayPal Balance on the trang chủ screen.Tap Withdraw Funds.Follow the instructions to lớn complete your withdrawal.

lưu ý that: You will have to lớn verify your Paypal account before withdrawing funds. A withdrawal cannot be canceled & make sure that all banking details are correct beforehand.

How lớn link your Bank Account with Paypal

Here’s how to lớn liên kết a bank tài khoản to lớn your PayPal account:

Cliông xã Wallet at the top of the page (if you’re on a điện thoại device, tap Menu then Wallet).Clichồng Link a bank trương mục.Select your ngân hàng, or click Don't see your bank? at the bottom.Depending on the ngân hàng you select, you may have sầu the option to lớn liên kết your bank instantly using your online banking login information. If the instant option isn't available, just enter your ngân hàng account details manually và clichồng Agree và Link.Linking Instantly & Linking manually

1. Linking Instantly

To link your bank trương mục instantly, you'll need to enter your user ID và password for your online banking.

PayPal will match this information with your ngân hàng lớn confirm your account ownership.

Once this information is entered correctly, your ngân hàng trương mục will be confirmed instantly.

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2. Linking Manually

If you enter your bank trương mục number manually, you'll be prompted khổng lồ confirm this ngân hàng trương mục.

You must complete this step before you can use your ngân hàng trương mục lớn make payments or add money lớn your PayPal trương mục.

Within 3 business days, Reviews your bank statement khổng lồ find 2 small deposits (each between $0.01 và $0.99 USD) that Paypal has sent lớn your ngân hàng account. 

You can also liên hệ your bank lớn find out the exact amounts of these deposits.

You will need this information to complete the confirmation process which can be done either online or by following the steps below:

Click Wallet at the top of the page.Cliông xã the bank you want to confirm.Enter the exact amounts of the 2 deposits made to your account. For example, if you receive two deposits of $.05 và $.15, enter .05 & .15 on the screen.Clichồng Submit.

Some important notes:

Sometimes the two deposits are merged together into one depending on the ngân hàng. If this is the case you will have sầu lớn liên hệ PaypalYou can liên kết up to 8 bank accounts to lớn your PayPal account. Each bank trương mục can only be linked to lớn one PayPal trương mục at a time.The time taken for transfers differs depending on where the target bank account is located.For transfers khổng lồ a registered UK ngân hàng account funds are available in a couple of hours after the transfer.

Fees you should know about for each country

If your country is not mentioned in these tables select your desired country here: https://www.paypal.com/th/webapps/mpp/country-worldwide and go khổng lồ ‘fees’ located at the bottom of the page.

PayPal Debit Card

If you would like to lớn spkết thúc the PayPal balance held on your trương mục immediately, another way of converting it lớn cash is lớn have sầu a PayPal debit card. 

However, only PayPal users with a registered business tài khoản are eligible khổng lồ receive và use the debit thẻ. 

If you have sầu a business tài khoản you will be able to spkết thúc your balance conveniently, anywhere, & anytime in shops or online stores. 

In addition khổng lồ this, you can withdraw cash from ATMs worldwide & there are no monthly or annual fees as well as no minimum balance required to use the card.

PayPal Fees & Exchange Rate


If you are looking lớn exchange the currency upon withdrawal you will have lớn pay a conversion fee.

PayPal has an integrated currency calculator within the phầm mềm where you can view the PayPal exchange rate. 

Here’s how to access it:

Go to your Wallet page.Clichồng Currency Calculator.Select the currencies you want to lớn convert from and to lớn. The exchange rate appears automatically.

How does PayPal phối its exchange rate?

PayPal receives a wholesale rate quote from their bank twice a day and adds a percentage to determine the retail foreign exchange rate to lớn apply khổng lồ transactions that involve a currency conversion.According to lớn PayPal themselves, their exchange rates are competitive sầu with conversion rates used by banks và by currency exchanges.

How lớn get a better rate when exchanging your PayPal balance?

What if you would like to lớn pay less when making transfers into lớn different currencies.

One way to vày this is to lớn switch your funds first within PayPal before making your withdrawal. 

This is because the exchange rate margin is lower by about 2.5% when converting the currency without withdrawing.

It's a simple process, but make sure you know your stuff beforehand!

In conclusion, there is a lot of information offered by PayPal on how lớn withdraw money however there are some things that you should know about before making withdrawals. 

PayPal might not explicitly give sầu such as the exchange rate mark-ups and certain charges or how to ensure that you get a fair rate by transferring your currency first.

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