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The model number is non the front of your gateway toward the bottom when you re connecting na wireless device to lớn your trang chủ s wi fi network. You ll need to know. Na. Couple of things your wi fi network.

Name. Nalso. Known. As your ssid.

Network. Id..

Or. Network. Name. & your wi fi password.

Also known as your nwireless network key network. Key or wireless key. The mặc định wi fi ninformation is easy to lớn find just look on the side. Nof your wi fi gateway.

The wi fi network. Name nis listed as the ssid & the wi fi password is listed nas the wireless network key if the mặc định nwi fi network name or wi fi password nhas been changed you can still find this ninfo by using a device that s already connected nto your trang chủ network. You can even use your nsmartphone or tablet. But it s probably easier on a nlaptop or desktop computer on your connected device nopen a web browser and in the address bar enter nhttp 1921681254.

and select in the gateway status section. You ll see your current nwi fi network..

Name labeled as the network id also in this section. Nis your current wi fi password. This is labeled nas. The network key to lớn make changes khổng lồ your wi fi nnetwork.

Name or wi fi password select in the key. Things. To do nusing your gateway section. Now you re on the page.

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Where you can make changes to nyour wi fi gateway settings in the network. Name field. You ll see your current nwi fi network. Name & you can type over nit to lớn make changes then in the nauthentication type area under the security section.

We recommend using nwpa psk và wpa2 psk for your security setting. If you see something ndifferent here select the dropdown box & nselect also on this page..

You can nchange your wi fi password. This is labeled as nthe wireless key. You can change your nwi fi password by selecting the use custom wireless nnetwork. Key radio.

Button & typing in a nnew wi fi password. Once your changes are made. Njust select since you re making changes nfor security purposes. You will need your ndevice access code.

This can be found on the side. Nof your wi fi gateway. Just enter. This device.

Access. Ncode into the password field..

and select after you have nsuccessfully changed your wi fi network name nor wi fi password. You ll need lớn reconnect. Nall of your wi fi devices. Using the new nwi fi.

Information. This includes the computer nyou use lớn change the wi fi network name nor wi fi. Password. If you need additional help with your wi fi gateway nor mạng internet service go.

khổng lồ attcom. Tư vấn for helpful internet. Tư vấn narticles videos và more if you want to lớn diagnose nand fix internet problems go to attcom. Ufix & sign in for npersonalized support using your connected computer nsmartphone or tablet ” .



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