Hoteles En Majadahonda Madrid

“We were visiting Majadahonda as our estaban lives there. That was very convenient for visiting him. Ns room was clean and adequate. Our son had booked us ns suite but we just seemed to gain a superior double yet paid the...”

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“Nice hotel, an extremely convenient together it is near to los highway. However, be ready to be charge diez EUR per trabaja for the parking (safe). Ns room is not substantial but comes with most of los anticipated comfort. The…”

“I made decision this hotel based upon reviews, y photos from the internet yet when i arrived con my two children for ns week, i was disappointed. The room to be very small for tres people and had alguno fridge, but ns staff…”
“Friendly staff, some have límite English. Cuales elevator or restaurant, yes vending machines. Ns closest restaurant is three blocks away, opens up at 8:00 PM.You require a automóvil or to ride los bus. Ns bus system right here is...”
“The hotel is far from the ciudad center. Nearly 20 min drive. However for passengers travelers think about it to it is in an economic option. Ns breakfast is included and simple y the employee speaks only Spanish. Ns room…”
“Very comfortable and affordable, rooms are clean and spacious. You have all los amenities girlfriend need y you can caminar to a very pretty restaurant próximo door whereby we had ns fantastic meal. Place at the exit that Madrid...”
“It's cheap, it's clean, ns water is hot and staff space nice, y the parking is free and secure. There's un bus prevent right outside, y a commuter train station uno few actions away... Y the six-lane autopista right...”
“I booked un standard room y was rather pleased to discover it was a dos roomed apartment. Many of room. Now los not therefore good. Los kitchen area to be badly laid out. The wasn't possible to plug in ns microwave…”
“It’s uno comfortable hotel with basic amenities suitable for human being on the go . Ns rooms room decent dimension , clean. Ns breakfast is good y tasty just wish they would certainly not repeat ns same dishes daily . Only...”
“it is no in the center so guest will must hire ns car, order uno taxi or walk to find uno bus station.Looking a little little bit tired. Room clean.Breakfast is quite poor in a little small room. Your office is also...”

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“Suburban residential ar in smart district.Efficient familiar staff, comfortable room, with choice of good restaurants / bars provided by localidades residents therefore nice atmosphere.Quick accessibility to Barajas plane and…”
“Stayed in the hotel for dos nights for organization purposes, conveniently located in the office parque where my company resides. Ns hotel is located in what is basically an office building —apoyándose construction and layout…”
“Receptionist efficient y courteous. Large room clean for only cincuenta y cuatro euros, food y beverages available 24 hours it was los only one found at 2:40 with un room available, but identificación considered mine self very lucky. Free...”
“A very contemporary hotel in the outskirts of Madrid. Nice y modern hotel with good rooms y good breakfast. Quiet y nice place to continue to be if you space visiting companies in this area of los city. Great price”
“I found all of ns staff come be an extremely professional, friendly y helpful at all veces of the día or night y nothing was ns bother or a problem to them as they were all an extremely accommodating indeed. Special cite to...”
“Hotel las Matas is uno clean, comfortable hotel that provides a comfortable bed, great breakfast, y hospitable staff. Hotel is próximo to ns grocery store, alemán beer garden, y a block from commuter train come Madrid...”
“For business is a good option. Shower head is good. Heater aswell. Absence of restoranes in ns neighborhood, there are just two, one is just for snacks y drinks. Breakfast is standard, but good. Over there is metro...”
“We went there tonstauly for 3 days. Great room, great facilities and great location. Me gustaría suggest los hotel to have uno transport tranfer to los Matas train station y enough water for their guess to drink. The...”
“Its ns first: Modern, immaculately clean. Robotically functional. Big adequate rooms. Private empleado garage. Amazingly silent although positioned on ns major highway with 24 hour web traffic flow. Fantastic value for...”
“I stayed below for ns couple of nights because that friends' wedding. Los hotel itself to be simple and clean. Not los most comfortable rooms however by alguno means negative quality rápido especially for ns price. Servicio was good and…”
“The hotel is used y that is visible, but ns bed is superb! it is un bit far representar everything. So for dinner you next a taxi to get somewhere. Breakfast is igual que although a big coporación, grupo of asian tourists whereby there and...”
“Not uno bad ar to stay....we had un situation where ns previous customer had uno keycard that also worked after we entered...we were in los room y he comes in...this startled we didn’t recognize what was...”
“Office area however hotel is ok. Quiet rooms y the bed is good! Breakfast has every little thing needed and great coffee. For dinner over there are restaurants in walking street near ns cinema. Will certainly go again for sure.”

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“If you've never seen ns catastrophic hotel it's worth ns try. This hotel stinks y it's the dirtiest identificación have ever seen. No way come enter los beds. We offered our jackets as our linens. Girlfriend can't even go to the…”