Hospital De La Sangre Sevilla

The hospital ese la Sangre

The Hospital después La sangre ( hospital of ns blod ), return it can sound like los title of a horror book, is the name by which ns current seat of los Andalusian parliament was known.

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that was founded by profesor universitario Fadrique Enríquez del Ribera, as a seguir of the work undertaken by his mommy in 1500.Doña Catalina de Ribera, uno woman of good culture, was los wife of the avanzado Mayor ese Andalucía ( the governor). She lived in the página de inicio de Pilatos. When she to be widowed, like various other ladies of ns time, she devoted her time, her efforts and part of her possessions come social y cultural work. Years before, she had founded another hospital, only for women, in Santiago Street.The priors of the convents of santa María del las Cuevas, smo Isidoro de Campo y San Jerónimo del Buenavista, patrons of ns institution, to be responsible for the construction of the new headquarters outside ns walls.

In bespeak to decidir on ns layout of ns Hospital después la Sangre, researches were carried fuera de on others currently built in Toledo, Santiago and Lisbon. Tres great architects functioned on the construction: Martín después Gaínza, hernán Ruiz ns younger y Miguel de Zumárraga.It was the largest building in Spain until ns construction of el Escorial, and the largest hospital in Europe for almost dos hundred years.

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It had actually exceptional hygienic conditions, such together sewers and a water supply by method of one aqueduct, with ns capacity for three thousand beds.Ten courtyards were planned, although only nine to be built and eight remain. This courtyards to be conceived together recreation y refreshment locations for los sick, a very modern idea for the time.The hospital, officially recognized as ns Hospital ese las año Llagas ( of the five wounds) , to be inaugurated in 1559.

Modern times

In 1808, the centro de salud was inhabited by los French. From its opening it was in private manos until the disentailment the Mendizábal, when it became los city’s general Hospital in 1837.In march 1972, still in usar as a hospital, back in ruins, the building came debajo the direccion of los Seville Provincial Council, y in October 1982, it was transferred complimentary of fee to ns Junta de Andalucía (Regional federal government of Andalusia).In 1986, los first rehabilitation jobs were attracted up. A year later, occupational began y was completed in 1992.

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On 28 February of the year, los Andalusian Parliament opened its new headquarters.And… attention, it has actually its very own ghost, the which over there are several testimonies. But, that ghosts, we will certainly make an additional entry! no