Free english to chinese simplified translation

This is a helpful tutorial that sets up a Google Sheets document to automatically translate English khổng lồ Chinese. Language options include Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, & Pinyin. Sadly there’s no option for Zhuyin yet. Keep in mind the translation is only as accurate as Google Translate. I find Google translate Chinese khổng lồ have improved greatly over the last couple of years.

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Step 1: Create Google Spreadsheet

Go to lớn Google Drive sầu and open a new Google Sheet. Set up your column headers for English và Chinese. My example shows English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, và Pinyin.


Step 2: Fill in English

In column 1, fill in the words and phrases you want lớn translate khổng lồ Chinese.


Step 3: Enter the Translate Formula

In column 2, enter the formula khổng lồ translate khổng lồ Traditional Chinese =GOOGLETRANSLATE(A2, “en”, “zh-tw”).a2 is the cell you want to lớn translate. “en” is the source language, “zw-tw” is the language code for Traditional Chinese. The code for Simplified Chinese is “zh-cn”.

In column 3, enter the formula to translate to Simplified Chinese =GOOGLETRANSLATE(A2, “en”, “zh-cn”).

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Step 4: Add Pinyin API

For Pinyin you will need khổng lồ add the Mandarin Cantonese API.

From the thực đơn, cliông chồng on Add-ons và select Get add-ons from the drop down menuIn the search bar type in “Mandarin Cantonese API và cliông xã on the imageIn the next window clichồng InstallIn the pop up click ContinueSelect your Google accountAn alert message will appear. Click on Advanced and then cliông chồng on Go to Mandarin Cantonese ToolsIn the next window cliông xã on AllowOnce complete, cthua kém the installer windowFrom the menu, cliông chồng on Add-ons & select Mandarin Cantonese Tools and cliông chồng on Use in this spreadsheet


Step 5: Enter the Formula for Pinyin

Follow the same instructions in step 2, but use the language code for Pinyin

. C2 stands for the column of the source text.


Step 6: Copy and Past the Formula

Select the translated cell. Right clichồng & select copy. Highlight the other empty cells. Right cliông xã, select Paste Special, cliông chồng on Paste Formula Only. This will copy the translation formula into the other cells.



If you get an error, refresh the document. The API isn’t perfect but it’s a great resource nonetheless. With Google Translate you still need lớn double check the translations. It’s not 100% accurate but I’ve sầu found Google Translate to be quite good.


As an alternative sầu you can use the Google Spreadsheet I created và edit with your own words và phrases. Please make a copy of the Google Spreadsheet in your Google Drive sầu so that you will have sầu editing capabilities.