Donde aparcar en el centro de valencia

One of los questions friend ask ns most delaware booking among our tourism is about parking in Valencia: “Where can me gustaría park if me gustaría go by car?”. We know it’s an overwhelming to discover your way around a new city, y even much more behind the wheel! and for this we room going to give you number of options, so friend will have the ability to choose ns one you choose (either ns fee-paying coche park or a parking space on los street).

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BUT FIRSTLY, you should understand that our meeting señalar is los PLAZA ese LA VIRGEN, so you should firmar this señalar on your map to be able to arrive on time.


If los first option you take into consideration is to leaving your car parked directly on los street, we have to warn you no to shot to parque in los historic ciudad centre. Ns centre has very small parking spaces, y most of castle are significant as un zona azul (chargeable parking spaces, painted with azul lines, with un maximum border of dos hours). Nobody assures you to find uno space and, if you succeed it, will price you an arm and a leg. To stop it, we propose number of options:

Pont de Fusta Area. It’s situated near our meeting point and it’s “less difficult” to find ns place 보다 in the historical centre. On ns other página of the old Turia riverbed, in between Viveros y the Zaidía neighborhood, you will reach los meeting apuntar a in about 15 minutes top top foot. This will allow you come enter the historic centre prefer an illustrious vergüenza from the past: through ns Torres del Serranos. Below we show which area we space talking about:


Paseo ese la Alameda. On ns left banco of los Turia riverbed gardens, on ns Paseo ese la Alameda, there’s always uno space to park, although store in mind the you will certainly find the so-called “gorrillas” lied in wait (people who donar the visibility of uno free an are to park in exchange for ns tip). Give them some coins, y matter settled. In this way, you have the right to go abajo to ns Turia riverbed gardens by any of los many bridges the cross it, and take un walk through ns gardens to los Puente ese la Exposición, by Santiago Calatrava; walk up and approach ns Parterre (a garden from around mil ochocientos cincuenta with exotic plants, un pond y a historical monument), continue along ns Calle del la Paz come Plaza de la Reina, where surrounding los cathedral, friend will ultimately arrive to los meeting point. This is one of the possible routes that us propose, for this reason you can familiarise yourself with the ciudad on your method to our meeting point. With this option, your walk should último between quince and veinticinco minutes, depending upon how closer or additional you have actually parked on los Paseo después la Alameda.


Avenida medical professional Waskman. We are moving away from the center, y logically ns further us get, the easier it’s to park. If friend don’t mental walking, this area is about 30 minutes representar the conference point, passing ns Estación después Norte, Plaza ese Ayuntamiento, and Plaza de la Reina along los way.


Fuente del San luis Area. Back it’s ns bit far representar the ciudad centre, that one of the best locations where you can park, due to the fact that there space always totally free parking spaces. So, you deserve to leave parked her car y take ns taxi to the city centre because that practically the minimum fare (it shouldn’t exceed 6 €, but this info should just serve as un guideline!). Friend can also take ns walk, but it will take you 45 minutes (Indeed!). Shake a leg!


Another option delaware parking in this area is to walk quince minutes and arrive at los Ciudad de las letras y las Ciencias (WALKING course LINK: y take los opportunity come visit it. Then you deserve to take uno taxi or a bus to the city centre.

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If you don’t choose parking on the street and you prefer uno covered coche park, or you can not find ns place wherein we have written, we will indicate several public coche park choices for friend to choose from, sorted from closest to furthest representar our meeting point.

Parking REINA*. If you looking for los closest one, without any kind of doubt the is, i m sorry is located uno few minutes representar the Plaza ese la Virgen. Thus, you will only have to surround ns cathedral to with our meeting point. These are ns fares (according to the website

⚠️This parking is currently closed for refurbishment works in Queen Square.

Maximum daily rate: 21,15€

Maximum nightly rate desde Monday to Sunday (from 10:00 p.m. Come 06:00 a.m.): 5.95€

1 hour: 2,90€

From 0 to quince minutes: 0,084€ / min.

From 15 minutes to cinco hours: 0,037€ / min.

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From 5 to 10 hours: 0,031€ / min.

Parking avenida DEL OESTE. That located 10 minutes representar our meeting point and is behind los Mercado Central, so you deserve to cross that on los way to our conference point and marvel at its modernist architecture y fresh products. Check los rates y the place in ns following link:

Interparking Glorieta Paz, located in Plaza Tetuán, in front of ns Capitanía building and the Fundación Bancaja, from where you can go to Plaza de la Virgen through ns Calle ese la Paz and go surround los cathedral come Plaza ese la Virgen in less than diez minutes. Check ns rates y the place in ns following link:



We hope the this info will assist you if you have determined to come by car. And don’t forget: if girlfriend have any kind of question about our tours, we will be delighted to administer detailed information at: