Describe a person who visited you

Who he or she was;– When and why the person visited you;– What you did together;

Describe a time someone visited your home


I’m going lớn talk about the time I invited a few friends khổng lồ come over khổng lồ my trang chính for a housewarming buổi tiệc ngọt.

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It was last June, before our graduation, and I’d just moved out of the college dorm & into lớn a new apartment. Chinese tradition states that I should throw a housewarming buổi tiệc ngọt when I move somewhere new so I’ll have sầu good luchồng when I live sầu there. Due to lớn this custom, I invited three friends from university to my home page.

I don’t really have a knaông chồng for cooking, so I decided khổng lồ have sầu hotpot as our các buổi tiệc nhỏ food, which for the most part I didn’t have sầu lớn cook by myself. And I texted my friends lớn meet up at my apartment at around 5pm. Out of respect for the guests, I cleaned the apartment from top lớn bottom before they came.

After they arrived, I welcomed them và showed them the new apartment, & of course I thanked them for the house warming gifts as well. Then we prepared the side dishes for hotpot in the kitchen together. That night, we had tons of beers and talked a lot while enjoying our dinner. Before they left, we also played some thẻ games khổng lồ kill time.

Honestly, that was the first time I invited friends to lớn my own apartment, & we all had a blast .

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So, if I ever have sầu the chance, I’ll definitely invite more friends to hang out at my home page.


1. housewarming : A tiệc ngọt that you give sầu when you move sầu inkhổng lồ a new house

– Ex: We’re having a housewarming on Friday if you’d lượt thích khổng lồ come.

2. Throw a party:

-Ex: Janelle threw a party for Brad’s 18th birthday

3. have sầu a knaông xã for:

4. for the most part: In most cases; usually.-Ex: “the older members, for the most part, shun him”

5. Out of respect for: Because of a particular feeling or attitude-Ex: It was agreed that alcohol should not be served, out of respect for Muslyên ổn customs.

6. From top khổng lồ bottom:

Ex: They cleaned the house from top to lớn bottom.

7. hang out : To spover a lot of time in a place or with someone:Ex: You still hang out at the pool hall?I’ve sầu been hanging out backstage with the band.