Internet download manager: problems with some other specific sites

IDM Cannot Resume Downloading The File (Get Solution): Hi, Guys! How are you? Hope well. Have sầu you got “cannot resume downloading the file” message? – When you were trying to lớn tải về something by using IDM (Internet Download Manager). It is very irritating right because all your Internet balance wasted. If you are seeing this problem or issue at the time of re-downloading an unfinished your important file then this post is for you. Now you can able lớn re-tải về at that same position by following some steps.

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IDM Cannot Resume Downloading The File (Get Solution)

IDM Cannot Resume Downloading The File (Get Solution)Importance of IDM:

Everytoàn thân knows that IDM (Internet Download Manager) is the popular and most useful fast tải về manager in the world. Everyone use IDM for their PC khổng lồ tải về the important file of their need. The downloading speed of IDM <IDM 7.1 Preactivated> is very good If compared khổng lồ other <Eagleget Download Manager> download managers. And it is very easy to use for all.

Why does IDM give Us That Error Message Cannot Resume Downloading The File?

Cannot Resume Downloading The File


So, here is the answer, It’s possible in two conditions either the address of the file is not valid anymore or your session has been expired. Besides, It may be also changing your computer IPhường. address. Some websites have some limitations of their service. So you have lớn tải về without changing the IP address.

I know Now you are thinking about IPhường address which you did not change. right?

But you have sầu disconnected the internet connection or you turned off your PC without completing the tải về which is on the IDM danh sách. So, Whenever you turned off your mạng internet connection or shut down your PC it will register with a new IP when you connect to lớn the mạng internet in the next time.

What is the Solution of “IDM Cannot Resume Downloading The File”?

Your old session is out or expired. So, you are thinking to tải về the tệp tin again from the beginning. No, you don’t need to lớn download the tệp tin from the beginning. Just start the new session and follow my steps which I have sầu given below.

Please don’t delete or remove sầu the incomplete downloaded file from your IDM tải về menu.

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Step 1. mở cửa IDM >> Right Click on the Incomplete Download File & Cliông chồng on Properties.


Step 2. Copy The URL >> Paste it on Your Browser. This Will Redirect khổng lồ the Download Page of That File.


Step 3. Step 3. Clichồng on Download Button


Step 5. Next, Don’t click on “Start download” button. Just copy the URL of the file & click on “cancel” button.


Step 6. After that Right-click on “Broken” or “error” tệp tin or “incomplete” file & go khổng lồ properties option. Delete the old URL from the address bar and paste the new copied URL lớn it.


Step 4: Now, Cliông chồng on “OK” button & Press “Resume” Button.


Boom!…..! now you can see your incomplete tải về will start at the same position where it has broken or left. Enjoy! Have fun!!

Video On Fix IDM Cannot Resume Downloading The File Solution | IDM Not Resuming Download File

My Last Words:

Hopefully, you lượt thích this post about IDM Cannot Resume Downloading The File (Get Solution) và it is helpful for you. If any Queries or Questions is persist then please feel không lấy phí lớn bình luận your viewpoints.

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