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Brad Pitt"s guy bun stole los show! ns 57-year-old emitir delighted entusiastas when he confirmed up come Sunday"s 93rd annual Academy Awards with his new, much longer hairstyle.

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Pitt, that wore a classic tuxedo and a black maskto los ceremony, expertly sported ns look, i beg your pardon included un tiny bun, and also longer piece that were tucked behind his ears.

Twitter to be taken with los "do, con one pan writing, "Imagine looking this sexy with ns man bun and a mask. Only Brad Pitt."

Inject Brad Pitt y his lil guy bun right into my veins

— Jamie Blynn (

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Another Twitter user wrote that Pitt"s Oscars look was "the official campaign dando inicio for Brad Pitt come keep los man bun y bring us espalda some 90s Brad lewks."

"WE’RE ROOTING because that YOU," lock added.

This ns official campaign patada inicial for Brad Pitt come keep ns man bun and bring us regreso some 90s Brad lewks. WE’RE ROOTING because that YOU.