Continuing with the american traditions, black Friday is ns official empezar of Christmas shopping. Many stores market their commodities through discount vouchers and coupons. The opinión is to carry out all your last minute shopping prior to Christmas. Last year, much more than 2,000 stores participated in los BFB. This year, the event will be organized on 25th and 26th of November.

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All types of live independence businesses y establishments combined in trades unions and associations have the right to join the barcelona Black Friday and take benefit of los benefits that this joint activity in order to boost sales in Barcelona.In general, prices tend to differ according to los company"s criteria. Occasionally it is feasible to enjoy complimentary shipping costs, and in other situations discounts of increase to 70 per cent.


Where come buy in the 2016 edition of barcelona Black Friday?

Amazon continues to be a reference site, con offers up to 60 and setenta per cent. On last Friday"s black Friday, Amazon had uno record día by completing ns most sales, with 370,000 assets sold.• In Worten you can discover important discounts, one of two people in its physical stores, and at the website. A wide selection of products await friend at los edition of barna Black Friday this year, including, computers, appliances, televisions, consoles, games, etc.• Zara (Inditex). Zara, y the whole Inditex group, have joined los "Black Friday" campaign. Uses of veinte and treinta per cent discount, complimentary deliveries, etc. Both in your physical stores y online. It is finest to compare prices, before Black Friday and during that day, y take benefit of the discounts offered.• Ikea. In vault editions, the Swedish company has make its promotions on black color Friday just online, with the message that "it was never so basic to buy representar home". Unbeatable prices y excellent buying opportunities are announced.

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Apple. The la empresa that revolutionised ns world of smartphone technology additionally joins this discount party on their iPhones and all type of accessories.

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media Markt. Important offers come save and purchase every kinds that appliances, products and computer items y much more, con 0 período cent financing up to treinta months y very interesting tu, vete on black Friday, ( up to setenta per cent).

Comparing prices y choosing ns best discountCamelCamelCamel. This platform offers the user the best information when to compare price changes. That is an excellent option for black Friday in Barcelona. It lets ​​you find fuera if the product the interests you has actually really lowered its price or not.• Uno ticketing device for countless products y services of significant brands. At "Black Friday" you can buy what you desire at unbeatable prices.• ~ above this platform you will discover exclusive promotions on black Friday.